Unilever Partner with Purpose

Sensient Unilever Partner with Purpose

At Sensient, though we already have a few ongoing CSR programs such as the Seed-to-Shelf and working with farms with Fair for Life certification, we are always looking to improve our supply chain traceability, social accountability and equality.

We are proud to announce that today we have made a ‘Unilever Partner Promise’ to work alongside Unilever to help drive their ambitious social goals on Living Wage/Living Income, and Supplier Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, aimed at improving lives and livelihoods, and addressing social inequality in our value chains.

Unilever Partner with Purpose

At Sensient, it’s important for us to be engaged across the entire natural ingredient value chain. From seed technology and farming to extraction and eventually final products, the Seed-to-Shelf strategy we employ allows us to optimize the botanically sourced natural ingredients we offer our customers. Our agronomy program builds lasting partnerships with our suppliers and local communities around the world. One such partnership focuses on the adoption of a local school near one of our annatto farms, which allows us to invest in our future scientists by enabling the education of the children of annatto farm workers.⁠ By creating these lasting strategic partnerships with our suppliers through Seed-to-Shelf vertical integration, we can make a greater impact on communities and collaborate with growers to sustainably produce ingredients that meet our strict quality and safety requirements. This also creates a traceable, transparent, and secure supply chain for our natural ingredient sources.⁠

Annato Farm

Sensient sources Criollo beans to be extracted for beauty products from Fair for Life farm in central Uganda. Fair for Life certification safeguards human rights, workers have access to safe working conditions and smallholder farmers receive a fair share for their products. The farm Sensient chose is one of the oldest in Uganda, operating since 1930. Employees here have medical plans, paid leave, livable wages and safe working conditions.

Cocoa Criollo Farm Uganda

Read more about our social responsibility efforts here. And if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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