The Trend on Everybody’s Lips

The Trend on Everybody’s Lips

Lip color cosmetics drive color cosmetics new product development across most regions. It is indeed the largest makeup subcategory in Latin America (33% share), Asia Pacific (32%) and North America (31%).

According to Euromonitor, in 2016 world sales of lip products increased by 7%, reaching $14Bn and the trend is expected to continue with a growth of 25.7% between 2016 and 2021.
While still strongly dominated by lipstick formats, the category has seen a dramatic increase of new formats and textures which have kept consumers closely monitoring new products reaching retailers shelves.

Infinity Of Shades And Color Effects

According to Mintel, 22% of UK consumers purchase new make-up to try a new color, triggering brands to experiment and expand way beyond their traditional offerings. Candy blue, lime green and deep black are now making their way onto shoppers’ lips. And when formulators are done creating new colors, beauty users are taking over! Creative lip palettes can be used by DIY-enthusiasts to create unlimited new combinations for their makeup. This new kind of routine, strongly inspired by face makeup, also borrows other tricks such as color adjuster that can be used to darken and lighten the shade of any lipstick to achieve the perfect hue. In the U.S, Mintel reports that 51% of U.S. women who use color cosmetics are interested in trying products that let them customize color/shade. This is one example of blue ocean for brands here.

In the U.S, Mintel reports that 51% of U.S. women who use color cosmetics are interested in trying products that let them customize color/shade.

Glitter is also all the rage! More extravagant products, like shimmery or holographic lip gloss will no doubt resonate with the boldest beauty users that can now find formulations mixing striking color and comfort on the lips.

Go Bold Or Go Home

New colors and glitters aside, it is clear that consumers want to rediscover lip makeup and explore uncharted territories that expand beyond the simple waxy stick. Liquid lipsticks have been a great outlet for creativity, allowing the use of new innovative packaging and formats. Lancôme’s Juicy Shaker Pigment infused Bi-Phase Lip Oil is a great example of the extent to which brands are ready to go to satisfy consumers’ appetite for new lip makeup concepts. The Crayola/Clinique collaboration went viral on social media as beauty addicts were thrilled to experiment with this whimsical format that subtly appealed to the most nostalgic of consumers.

Maybe the most striking trend about lip makeup is actually the absence of a clear leading trend. The category is teeming with innovation spanning from new colors, new effects and new formats, allowing formulators and marketers an almost blank canvas to express their creativity.

One thing is for sure, the development of breakthrough concepts will require brands to revisit how they approach formulations and ingredients, as well as forge new paths for this major makeup category. By closely monitoring market trends and playing with different concepts, our Application Teams were able to anticipate some of these trends and have already inspired formulators around the world with innovative concepts like our delightful lip contouring routine (formulas SCT2141, SCT2142, SCT2143) featuring long lasting ADT-C pigments for good lip adhesion, or a Pink Sorbet Gloss (SCT 2146) that combines a juicy, orange perfumed texture with the shimmering effect of Covapearl® pearls. To those who can’t do without their matte lipstick, our Girly Vintage Lipstick (SCT2042A) will certainly strike a chord, thanks to the matte effect and unique comfortable glide provided by Covalumine® composite pigments. Contact us now to discuss your next lip challenge!

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