Skip the Shower… You Finally Have Time to Take a Bath

Seven in 10 Americans report feeling stressed during the coronavirus pandemic, according to an ABC News/Washington Post survey. Between the worry of infection, the isolation of quarantine, the weight of economic uncertainty and the challenges of working remotely, COVID-19 is quite simply pushing our mental health to the limit.

Now, more than ever, we must find comfort in simple luxuries—like soaking in a nice, warm, bubble bath. Whether in place of your morning commute, in conclusion to the day or both, the benefits of the tub are real. In a small study from the Japan Health and Research Center, Tokyo City University and Jichi Medical University, respondents who took baths every day for two weeks followed by showers every day for two weeks felt that the bath weeks helped to reduce stress and fatigue while also improving their skin—but do we really need research to tell us how glorious a bath can be?

Color and Bubbles

A bubble bath should first be appealing to the eyes. Before you begin, transform your tub from shower catcher to spa retreat. Remember, you’re rediscovering the bath not as a novelty, but as a new routine. Once the tub is clean and the surrounding area is tidy, it’s time to draw the water and add your product of choice. Sensient’s Clear Purple Shower Gel makes an excellent bubble bath formula available in a variety of bright colors using globally compliant Unicert certified water or oil-soluble dyes. Covabsorb DS protects colors and also scents, allowing formulators to create joyful shower gels that last

Shea Butter Bar Soap

Like the bath, bar soap is underappreciated and overlooked. Soapmaking dates back centuries—and has been battered by industrialization ever since. While commercial soap often loads up on harmful chemicals to enable mass production, quality bar soap prioritizes natural ingredients.

Sensient has found the balance between the art of soap and the science of formulation in our XFine Neon Bar Soap. Lather up with a hydrating soap made from shea butter, which is known and loved for its many beneficial properties. The bar also has two of our Natpure XFine natural powders: turmeric, which offers amazing skin benefits in its own right; and spirulina, an algae loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. The spirulina helps give this bar soap its fun, neon-green color.

Silky Shampoo and Conditioner

Don’t be in a rush to run out of the bath; this is your time to relax and pamper yourself. When you’re ready, you can wash your hair, either by dipping your head or switching to the shower. We recommend our Premium Pearlescent Shampoo for a gorgeous, honest shine from Covapearl AQ in place of the questionable glycol stearate (made from the same ethylene glycol found in antifreeze) used in many hair care formulations. Covapearl AQ is the more natural alternative for pearlescent texture and radiance.

After-Bath Glow

“Rituals can be incredibly powerful and grounding for anxiety at any time in our lives, not to mention during a global pandemic,” a licensed mental health counselor told the Zoe Report from Rachel Zoe. “During such challenging times, it can feel as though everything is out of our control. Adding healthy rituals to our lives can create a bit of calm and certainty during an otherwise stressful and uncertain time.”

On that note, might we suggest extending your new self-care routine to also include skincare, makeup and hand moisturizing? You know you have the time. Read more from our experts:

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