Sensient’s Color of the Year 2022

Sensient Color of the Year 2022

As a leading global manufacturer and marketer of colors, flavors, and other specialty ingredients, Sensient Technologies Corporation influences consumer trends across many industries. Within Sensient’s global organization, Sensient Cosmetic Technologies has more than 60 years of experience developing cosmetic colorants, today operating nine business units, four dedicated cosmetic factories, two additional supporting factories, and four Centers of Excellence around the world.

At Sensient Cosmetic Technologies, we understand that beauty begins with a sensorial experience, often leading with sight. Every December, in partnership with Beautystreams, we select a Color of the Year that we believe will make a major impact in beauty and cosmetics for the year ahead. After an uplifting run from Rising Orange in 2021, we now look forward to another enlivening color that imparts promise, compassion, and creativity.

2022 Color of the Year: Radiant Pink

Sensient Color of the Year 2022


Radiant Pink evokes a warm embrace that nourishes and comforts us all. In using it, we become protective and caring human beings, tending to ourselves, others, and nature. An accompanying color palette of pink and amber shades expands the healing energy and calming properties.



Regaining Lost Touch

The coronavirus pandemic transformed the way people interact. Touch became a source of stress, hindered by personal boundaries and societal protocols. Months and now years of social distancing have created deprivation of human touch that now gives way to a loosening of restrictions. Radiant Pink provides a soft and unimposing touch visually.


Rediscovering the Power of a Hug

As the world slowly reopens, Radiant Pink inspires us to socialize in person—especially with friends, family and loved ones. It starts with that first hug, “hello,” and follows with a newfound appreciation for each hug thereafter. Along the way, the nourishing essence of Radiant Pink, paired with the rattling experience of a global pandemic, reminds us to take care of our minds and bodies.


Creating Original Looks

Sensient 2022 Color Palette

In 2022, we expect Radiant Pink to come to life in many ways, including:

  • A hint of color and care – Natural-looking makeup, embraced by a volley of lightweight textures with skin care benefits.
  • Lip color and hydration – Hybrid lip products that act like balm but wear like lipstick, perhaps with a pearlescent finish.
  • Sensorial eye shadow – Intended to give the just-woke-up-from-a-nap look, a glossy finish awakens and brightens eyes.
  • The radiant face – Pairing foundation and blush for a dewy, healthful, yoga skin appearance.
  • A nails moment – Luminous nails using the cozy and comfortable Radiant Pink hue and golden amber shades from our palette.
  • Natural hair color – Reassuring amber-cast blondes and browns, plus cool duos with ash tones.


Ready to set the cosmetics trends of 2022? Partner with Sensient to formulate with Radiant Pink and the rest of our 2022 palette using natural and sustainable ingredients that create unique sensorial experiences. Contact us to get started.

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