Pampered Pets: 6 Innovative Pet Grooming Solutions from Sensient

We love our pets like people and care for them like children. With global birth rates declining and, most recently, unprecedented isolation during the coronavirus pandemic, pets are the hearts of households around the world.

Between pets’ unconditional love, warm companionship, effortless entertainment—and those cute little faces—it’s easy to see why the pet care market continues to boom, notching over 40% growth from 2016 to 2021. With it, so does the demand from pet owners for only the finest hygiene products to keep their furry friends clean and super-soft. Here are a few of the ingredients and formulations Sensient is using to help brands innovate in the pet beauty space.

Vegetable Charcoal

When pets get dirty, owners need a solution that is strong, yet sensitive. Sensient’s activated carbon vegetable charcoal powder provides high absorption to deeply remove dirt from the skin and fur. Extracted from European peatlands, it is 100% natural and COSMOS certified.

Fucosorb / Fucosorb WP

Obtained from red and brown seaweed collected in the unpolluted tropical waters off of Northeast Brazil, Fucosorb and Fucosorb WP are natural conditioners that protect both skin and hair from aggressions. These powerful ingredients also help prevent dehydration and add a microexfoliation effect by attracting superficial cells.

Natpure Feel-M Eco

Natpure Feel-M Eco, a non-volatile silicone replacement, nourishes skin with enhanced spreadability as emollients are released. This makes it an excellent conditioner for pets, resulting in shiny fur that is easy to brush. Natpure Feel-M Eco is a common ingredient in baby care products—including fur baby care!

Arianor® Semi-Permanent Dyes

Pet dye is also becoming popular. We’re not here to judge. Instead, we’re focused on ensuring these dyes do not harm animals so that owners can safely dye or even decorate their pets in good fashion. Semi-permanent dye is the most suitable option for pets, as it disperses only on the outside of the hair without removing the natural pigment from the fiber.

Sensient has a complete line of cationic dyes with high purity, called Arianor®. The Arianor Flash line comes in powder form. Just add water, and the dye is ready to apply in an array of colors. The color adjustment step is eliminated, reducing both the time in quality control and the need for inventory volume. Pink, purple and polka dots aside, animals with dark coats can often use some coloring as they age, just like how humans try to evade those pesky grays.

Covafix 123

To improve tint and dye formulations for pet care products, we recommend adding our Covafix 123 fixative solubilizer. Covafix 123 facilitates the adhesion of dyes to the fur, helping to achieve a homogeneous color. The solvent system also improves longevity by allowing dye to enter deeply into the hair shaft.

Unicert® K7025

How do you make a white dog white again? As an anti-yellowing option for light-coated dogs, Sensient offers the high purity acid dye Unicert K7025. This is a direct anionic dye that is 10 times more soluble than typical market products, with a high purity grade and worldwide regulatory compliance.

Explore More

These are just a few of our unique pet care solutions. Sensient applies its entire personal care portfolio of high purity and quality colors, functional cosmetic ingredients, and natural extractions to inspire animal hygiene and beauty products that “parents” love and trust using on their pets. Contact us to request our full presentation on innovative pet care formulation.

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