Mask-Friendly Makeup: These Foundations Won’t Transfer to Your Face Covering

Face masks are the new fashion statement serving the crucial purpose of public health. They are believed to help reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and regarded as a gesture of care toward others.  As their use becomes more mainstream, especially after many of us return to the office, so does the need to ensure that our makeup routines will not be affected. The only problem? Masks are not necessarily conducive to makeup.

If you are noticing that your foundation is rubbing onto your mask, consider switching to transfer-resistant foundation. That way, you can stay protected and keep looking fabulous.


Many foundations require a film-forming agent to ensure the formula stays put.  But did you know that a film former is not always needed? That’s right! If you formulate your foundation with Sensient’s ADT-C Surface Treated Unipure Pigments, you no longer need one! ADT-C not only outlasts oil and sweat on the skin, but also holds its own against a face mask. Additionally, ADT-C is effective without a film former! Eliminating the film-forming agent allows lower ingredient costs for chemists and, in turn, lower prices for consumers. See ADT-C in action with All Day Foundation and Color Cream.


Our long-lasting, high-coverage One Swipe Concealer is also formulated with ADT-C Surface Treatment. Once more, is the key for keeping your concealer in place and demonstrating that this surface treatment is effective in a variety of formulation types.

The Surface Treatment-Pigment Balance

A surface treatment is a coating around pigments to help them disperse evenly. In foundation, we want high pigment loading while maintaining low viscosity and light aesthetics. Without a surface treatment, it’s difficult to achieve this…not to mention the near impossibility of withstanding the constant pressure and friction of a mask without one!

Additionally, some of the industry’s pigments come from coal tar, making them counterproductive to the clean beauty movement and possibly dangerous to your health. Coal tar is also known to stain skin and clothing, which could have the inside of your mask looking yucky even when it’s clean.

No need for coal tar; Sensient’s synthetic Unipure pigments are designed to offer high batch to batch color consistency to formulators as well as tight specifications for low heavy metal content to meet the strictest global regulations for cosmetic pigments. They’re as pure as pigments can be, and we can use them extensively in combination with our surface treatments.

What Consumers Want Right Now

The coronavirus is not the end of the beauty industry, and the face mask is not the end of makeup. Leading brands will develop—and consumers will embrace—thoughtful solutions for the current times. Contact us to learn more about non-transfer foundation during the age of the face mask.

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