Makeup in Quarantine: 3 Unique Formulas to Feel Beautiful, Yet Natural

The age of coronavirus is strange, stressful and solitary—but it should not change who you are on the inside or how you present on the outside. Create a sense of normalcy in quarantine by committing to self-care.

First, glow up with a complete skincare regimen. Then, glam up with makeup that not only looks good but feels good. We’re talking about sensory ingredients turning beauty into an experience. You can find them in these three Sensient formulas:

Nat’vocado Ultra-Soft Powder Foundation

This foundation is unlike any you’ve felt before. The secret to its luxurious texture is our hydrophobic surface treatment made from botanical avocado. The treatment makes our Unipure LC BA pigments easier for formulators to use and smoother for consumers to apply. And, it’s natural avocado butter! A touch of Covabead Crystal adds a soft-focus, blurring effect that lightly spreads on the skin. Together, the ingredients redefine the idea of natural foundation.

Natural Long Lash Effect Mascara

Make your lashes stand out with truly natural mascara. Made from a sugar-based film-forming agent, Natpure Film AP coats lashes with acacia gum for a supple (not stiff) appearance. Covasterol adds creaminess to the formula, ensuring the mascara applies smoothly. The silicone replacement, Natpure Feel-M Eco, provides a boost of volume for extra conditioning. And finally, Fiberlon AC cellulose fibers enhance the long lash effect.

Beautifying Liquid Lip Balm

Kiss dry lips goodbye. Natpure Feel-M Eco (also used in our mascara) makes for soft, creamy application of Sensient’s specialty lip balm. Natpure Feel-M Eco also conditions lips for long-lasting wear and enhances the dispersion of another exciting ingredient, Natpure Xfine Sweet Potato. The purple sweet potato extract is a natural powder complex containing anthocyanins for both color and free radical-fighting, antioxidant benefits.

New Routines to Love

Let’s face it: we all miss the normal we once knew. Things will get better, and until then, we can take comfort in the small wins that symbolize normalcy and self-betterment—like starting the day with a new, natural makeup routine.

Even if your commute is now a few steps to the computer, you still want to look and feel your best. Browse Sensient’s complete catalog of cosmetic colors, ingredients and products.

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