Make up for the Mask with Bold Eye Looks

Mask with Bold Eye Looks

Wearing makeup and a mask simultaneously is no easy feat. With half of your face covered on the outside and, if you’re not using non-transfer foundation, half of your mask covered in makeup on the inside—how do you find that feeling of flair in your makeup routine?

It’s all about the eyes. One makeup artist told HuffPost, “Eye makeup will become the way many people choose to express themselves. We will soon have to smile only with our eyes, and this is why eye makeup will become more important than ever.”

Whether you’re simply looking to make your eyes stand out a little more than usual or experimenting with more dramatic styles, keep a close eye on the ingredients in the products you choose. What’s inside your eye makeup can make all the difference when it comes to long wear and staying power. Our picks:

Smoothing Concealer

A New York Times article recommends blending concealer under the eyes and on any uneven spots above the nose, perhaps in place of foundation. Enjoy one swipe coverage with Sensient’s Smoothing Concealer. Surface treated pigments make for a soft, creamy, hydrophobic concealer that also incorporates the topical benefits of green tea, including its ability to help fight oxidative stress, signs of aging, and bags under the eyes. Learn more about our sustainable sourcing and solvent-free extraction of green tea for cosmetics. 

Long Wear Eyeliner

If you don’t want that perfect, winged eyeliner to fly away by the end of the day, you have to try Sensient’s long wear eyeliner. Our waterproof thickener, Covacryl MS 11 WP, forms a flexible film to ensure your look won’t budge; and for that dark, ready to use color, Covarine Black WS 9199 seals the deal.

Typically, pigments are ground to achieve dispersibility. For labs that do not have grinding mills, a pre-dispersed pigment like the one used in this formula eliminates the need to invest in additional machinery and delivers a ready-to-use ingredient.

Elongating Mascara

Another botanical extract is at the heart of this lash-lengthening must-have. In the same way green tea brings natural benefits to our Smoothing Concealer, rosemary adds pollution protection to our Elongating Mascara. The Covarine Black WS 9199 used in our Long Wear Eyeliner is a key ingredient here as well, giving your lashes a gorgeous, carbon black base coat. The formula glides on smoothly with our non-sticky, water-based gel thickener, Covacryl RH, while Covacryl AC provides extra length and Covacryl A15 WP retains natural curl.

The Eye Makeup Effect

Historically, economic downturns have led cash-conscious consumers to turn to simple luxuries, such as lipstick, for a smidge of joy and happiness. It’s known as the lipstick effect. Given the nature of face coverings, the lipstick effect may manifest as the eye makeup effect during the coronavirus pandemic. That said, other makeup items aren’t going away; they’re just evolving. Read more on specially formulated foundation and lipstick that won’t transfer to your mask.

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