Introducing Sensient’s Color of the Year 2021

2021 Brings a New Dawn

It is nearly impossible to construct any 2021 trend, including color trends, without looking through the prism of 2020. In the past year, the COVID-19 global pandemic disrupted life everywhere. As the number of COVID-19 cases increased daily across the globe, so did consumers’ levels of stress and feelings of social isolation. The ensuing chaos that erupted affected businesses, medical institutions, and government affairs—not one element of life went untouched. From cheering on our everyday heroes to mourning lost loved ones and friends, the problems of 2020 have consumers anxiously awaiting a new dawn.

Sensient Colors 2021 Color of the Year


As the rising orange sun warms the globe on the New Year, consumer outlook progresses to a sense of renewal and optimism, as they seek out products to help naturally recharge their mind, body, and soul. Sensient Colors 2021 Color of the Year, “Rising Orange”, takes refuge in nature and symbolizes the shade of a new day, weathered by the past, but optimistically rising bright for restoration. Soft, creamy tones of pink, blue and sand accompany Rising Orange as the colors of the world around us, while accentuating its glow at the center.


Personal Care Products that Restore, Refresh, and Recharge.

There is a collective desire from consumers and brands alike to progress forward with unity. While consumers seek comfort, they are also in pursuit of renewal and newness.

These are the components of the “Rising Orange” color and its color palette profile created by Sensient Cosmetic Technologies in partnership with BEAYTSTREAMS, a leading trends insights company. 

Personal care products are widely considered as one of the best consumer packaged goods group that helps ease stress, provides a sense of health and wellness, and promotes a positive attitude.  Skin Care creams, gels and serums using “Rising Orange” will add to the overall consumer sensorial experience, preparing them for the day ahead.  And of all product group within personal care, color cosmetics is the product category that best enhances ones sense of self-expression and well-being.


To learn more about formulating Bath & Shower, Skin Care, and Color Cosmetics with “Rising Orange” and its associated color palette, Contact Sensient.

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