Inside Look: Sensient’s Global Innovation Center in Singapore

In the heart of Singapore’s international biomedical research hub, Biopolis, Sensient Technologies’ Global Innovation Center buzzes with food scientists, flavorists, color chemists and applications scientists creating the latest formulations for consumer products ranging from food and beverage to cosmetics, personal care and pharmaceuticals. The passion is visible, and the energy is palpable. Here, Sensient shows why it is a leading global manufacturer of pigments, colors and other raw materials.

Converging and Collaborating

The Global Innovation Center serves as a hands-on headquarters for experts across all Sensient business units, eliminating siloes and enabling synergy. The exchange of cross-functional expertise breeds new perspectives and ideas, while state-of-the-art equipment and facilities give our researchers instant access to a world-class lab where they can formulate, iterate, and innovate using our unique ingredients and products.

Partnering with Customers

We see collaboration as not only an internal core value, but also an engine for the innovation alongside our customers. The Global Innovation Center is equipped to replicate our customers’ manufacturing processes, making it easier to develop products and technologies that can be tailored to their specific application environments. In addition to providing technical and application support, Sensient welcomes customers into the Innovation Center and R&D process.

Extracting Natural Ingredients

Today’s consumers are seeking natural personal care products made with clean ingredients and sustainable manufacturing practices. To meet this demand and support its corporate ethos, Sensient continues to expand on its robust catalog of botanical active and other pure, sustainably sourced ingredients from around the world. In Singapore, the Global Innovation Center focuses on makeup and skincare adapted to Asian customer’s needs and specializes in natural biomass color extraction and formulations for oral and baby care products.

Regional Hub, Global Gateway

The Innovation Center allows Sensient’s business units and customers based in Asia to develop product solutions from locally developed initiatives and consumer trends. However, the Center is connected as one of four regional Sensient hubs and seven production facilities worldwide. Leveraging Asia’s international influence, combined with Sensient’s vast product portfolio, customers partnering with Sensient in Singapore can create the next generation of products regionally and globally.

Watch the video below and contact Sensient to learn how the Global Innovation Center can support your next breakthrough product.

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