How to Care for Colored Hair

Hair care is the second largest market in beauty behind skin care, with increasing consumer demand for products emphasizing care for colored hair. Even during the pandemic—and especially as we return to socializing in person—people love coloring their hair with that perfect shade to suit their style.

But with hair coloring often comes hair damage, creating an opportunity for brands to address what has long been considered a “permanent” pain point. Here are a few examples from Sensient’s hair color care portfolio:

Arianor® Semi-Permanent Dyes

Reducing damage during coloring begins before the application ever happens. Sensient’s Arianor®, Arianor® Flash and Unicert® semi-permanent dyes meet the highest SCCS purity standards and have no ammonia, preserving hair structure while still achieving vibrant color. These basic dyes are water soluble, with cationic character and a wide variety of colors. If hair has already been damaged from previous coloring, Arianor® helps soften the impact of another treatment.


SENSIBIOPRO® R is an innovative technology that can dramatically improve the condition and overall appearance of colored hair. It is a complete system of amino and fatty acids with an active ingredient to deliver hair reparation, restore hydrophobicity, and protect hair against heat damage. Used in shampoos and conditioners as a reinforcer of hair barrier structure, it makes colored hair not only softer, but stronger.


A powerful and ethically sourced phytoactive, SENSISHIELD® helps prevent color fading and hair structure damage from sun. This green tea extract comes from Sensient’s patented PhytoClean™ process. PhytoClean™ ensures a pure, repeatable extraction of the targeted biomass, giving formulators the ability to deliver new and exciting products using natural ingredients from all ends of the earth. In addition to reducing sun fading, the green tea in SENSISHIELD® boosts antioxidant capacity, which may help with color degradation caused by oxidative stress. 

Fucosorb WP

Another ingredient that works exceptionally well for hair damage is Sensient’s Fucosorb WP, 100% natural, water soluble red and brown seaweed extract. Obtained from seaweed collected in the unpolluted tropical waters off of Northeast Brazil, Fucosorb WP is proven to effectively restore damaged hair. Not only does it provide moisturization; it also adds a microexfoliation effect by attracting superficial cells.

These high-quality ingredients and many others in our portfolio are driving innovation in hair color care today. Our experts work with brands to mix, match, and combine ingredients into powerful, natural formulations that consumers love. Contact us to learn more.

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