Dry Hands from Washing? Try This Ultra-Moisturizing Combo

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends washing your hands vigorously with soap and water for at least 20 seconds in order to kill the coronavirus and other pathogens. For many people, that duration is double—if not triple or even quadruple—normal practice prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The frequency of handwashing has also increased. Most of us would typically wash our hands when we’re supposed to: after the bathroom, before handling food, or during a large gathering. Now, we’re washing after any trip outside and every surface we touch.

Show of hands: who could use some moisturizer right now? Not just lotion, but a real, repairing moisturizer to soothe seriously dry hands? Sensient has a three-step routine to try:

Step 1: Natural Oil-Gel Mask

A well-formulated facial oil makes for a marvelous, impromptu hand moisturizer. Our Natural Oil-Gel Mask is made with Natpure® Feel-M Eco, a natural, proprietary emollient resembling silicone and achieving an excellent conditioning effect. A base of Natpure® Sol provides a thick texture that feels luxurious upon application. We then add macadamia and sunflower seed oils for their skincare benefits (one source even calls macadamia oil the skincare hero you’ve been looking for.)

Step 2: Comfort Hand Healer

Follow the Natural Oil-Gel Mask with Sensient’s Comfort Hand Healer. True to its name, this is a rich, nourishing lotion that leaves your skin feeling pampered. Covagel instantly thickens water during formulation, while the same Natpure® Feel-M Eco from step one shows its versatility by now sealing in moisture with its hydrophobic effect. Moisturization is added with Hydrofacteur HC. The Comfort Hand Healer also includes cocoa butter, which has essential fatty acids that lock in moisture by forming a protective barrier over the skin.

Step 3: Healing Hand Salve

For the ultimate hand protection, layer on our Healing Hand Salve. This balm goes beyond your everyday lotion to deeply condition and protect your skin from damage caused by over-washing and friction. This formula is made of 100% natural ingredients and highlights once more the soothing benefits of Natpure® Feel-M Eco.

With these products, you receive a triple dose of our most powerful natural moisturizing ingredients. You’re going above and beyond hand washing; it makes sense to also go above and beyond moisturizing. Explore our other recommendations for skincare in quarantine. Most importantly, stay safe, stay home, and keep washing those hands!

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