Sensient Technologies is one of the largest pigments, colors and raw materials manufacturers for cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, inks for clothing, and industrial markets. With more than 4,000 employees in 35 countries, the group turnover amounted to $1.38 billion in 2016. Constantly growing, Sensient invests $100 million per year on all group plants to continuously meet its growing base of customers.

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies develops, produces and markets ingredients and high quality colors for the personal care and cosmetics industry and its customers worldwide, based on 4 pillars:

1 – Reliable Supply Chain

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies’ teams thrive to make sure our customers are satisfied and get the product they need, when they need it. To fulfil this mission, we have expanded globally to increase our international footprint and can rely on factories located close to our customers to support their projects.

2 - Impactful Innovation

We know beauty users are among the most demanding consumers. High performance expectations, quest for new experience and immediate gratification are driving cosmetic innovation at a very high pace. Sensient Cosmetic Technologies addresses this need for innovative ingredients by working closely with its customer.

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies utilizes its international network of scientists with expertise ranging from color, skin care, sun care, hair care, fragrance and toiletries to identify unmet needs and tackle them with solutions that will change how tomorrow’s cosmetic products are made.

In addition to its proprietary technologies, the Cosmetic group may also rely on the competencies and technical know-how of the wider Sensient family. Sensient Technologies Corporation is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of colors, flavors and fragrances. Sensient employs advanced technologies at facilities around the world to develop specialty food and beverage systems, cosmetic and pharmaceutical systems, inkjet and specialty inks and colors, and other specialty and fine chemicals. Our teams of R&D experts constantly share ideas to identify new technologies originated from all sorts of industries and translate them into assets for the cosmetic market.

3 - Commitment to Technical and Regulatory Support

Cosmetic brands are navigating a uniquely fast-paced environment. Product cycles are shorter than ever, driving the need for faster developments and launches. As the global leader for color and cosmetic ingredients, Sensient Cosmetic Technologies provides continuous support to its customers and accompanies them all the way up the formulation process.

We are supporting formulators by leveraging our network of formulation and R&D experts to advise and help cosmetic companies reach the level of performance they are looking for. We have regional Application laboratories located in the USA, Europe, Asia and Latin America to provide targeted technical support based on local customer needs.

We are fully committed to consumer safety and follow the strictest quality standards to achieve this goal. Our teams of Regulatory experts are at the forefront of new global regulation changes and work closely with the different regulatory bodies and governmental agencies regulating the cosmetic industry to advise and educate our customers on the latest changes.

4 - Commitment to Sustainable Operations and Innovation

Sensient continues to expand its already robust portfolio of natural cosmetic solutions while committing to operate in an ever more sustainable and socially ethical approach.


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