Natural Color and Care Ingredient – Natpure Xfine

The world is awash in color. From the seaweed wetlands in Panjin Red Beach in China, the cranberry bogs in the United States, to the lavender fields in Provence, France; Mother Nature constantly outdoes herself. The color palate of the planet we call home is vast, breathtaking, and inspirational. With colors ripe for the picking, it is no wonder that many consumers, and the Brands that sell to them, are looking to nature for alternatives to traditional colorants. Vegetables in particular are known to have a high dye content, in addition to their tremendous health benefits.

As a trailblazer and leading supplier of natural colored extracts, Sensient has harnessed the power of superfoods to bring both color and care to Cosmetics and Personal Care products using Natpure® Xfine 100% natural colorful extracts.

Sustainably Sourced

Introduced in 2019, Natpure Xfine offers a range of natural extracts obtained by spray-drying a natural juice on a natural substrate. Each extract comes from a superfood with traceable origins, ethical practices, and vivid color.

The Natpure Xfine line is globally compliant, with vegan, COSMOS certified grades. Some Natpure Xfine are prepared with organic vegetables.

Clean Beauty

Natural is not a trend or fad that will disappear over time; it is a welcome addition to the Personal Care Industry. Brands now have the ability to formulate with synthetic, bio sourced, mineral ingredients or any combination thereof. Natpure Xfines can be used in a variety of beauty products ranging from lipsticks and balms to bath salts, eye makeup, hair products, toothpaste, clay mask in powder and more. With Sensient, formulators now have access to natural extracts using proprietary technology that delivers vibrant and long-lasting colors.

Powerful Actives

The ingredients in Natpure Xfine extracts offer both color and care attributes. Beetroot is a promising therapeutic treatment for various clinical pathologies associated with oxidative stress and inflammation, while Spirulina is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. Sweet Potatoes and Radishes contain anthocyanins, which may help prevent skin aging and UV-induced skin damage. Turmeric is natural “go-to” for yellow extract, acting as an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and dye all wrapped into one. And black carrot, lesser known as a food but widely regarded as a natural purple dye, is an antioxidant.

Limitless Possibilities

Mix, match, customize, and even achieve Pantone colors with these colorful extracts to create real, feel-good skincare routines. With years of extraction experience, Sensient is here to help brands and formulators combine color with care in cosmetics.

Natpure XFine’s natural ingredients marks a breakthrough in innovation for formulators. Sensient Cosmetic Technologies is pleased to announced that this product line is nominated for In-Cosmetics’ 2020 Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award. The winners will be recognized and celebrated during next month’s virtual conference. To learn more, visit

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