4 Types of Root Concealers to Stay Covered During Quarantine

Whether your favorite salon remains closed due to the coronavirus pandemic or you are sitting out the second wave risk in reopening, roots wait for no one. Touch up at home with a quick, quality concealer. Selecting your product starts with surveying the formulas available:

Touch Up Spray

Root concealer is often synonymous with spray. A few spritzes all around after styling, and you have that just-left-the-salon shine. Sensient’s Root Concealer Spray instantly covers the first signs of roots with a blend of AS treated pigments that deliver intense, naturally beautiful color. This formula is also water-resistant, in case you’re working up a sweat during an at-home fitness class or caught in a summer rainstorm while running essential errands.

Compact Powder

For a little more precision and control, try a color correcting powder applied with a brush. Our applications teams have created two versions. The first features our a blend of our AS-Treated Unipure pigments. Take the guesswork out of creating the perfect shade by trying this temporary, but waterproof Root Concealer Formula. If you’re looking for a more natural formulation solution, our second Natural Root Concealer Compact Powder features our Botanical Avocado Surface Treated pigments. BA surface treatment is still hydrophobic, but provides a natural alternative while providing an additional softness to the formula. Pro tip: use a powder for tiny touch-ups and turn to a spray for significant regrowth.

Powder to Cream

A powder to cream product combines the detail of a powder with the coverage of a cream. Our innovative Powder to Cream formula uses a our ready-to-use Brown Blend of Unipure AS treated pigments and adds an extra layer of hair protection with our Fucosorb WP, an algae extract that provides additional moisturization, for a creamy formulation.

Dry Shampoo

Love your dry shampoo but don’t want the white powdery effect? Why not add our pigments to create a root concealer instead?  This formula shows you how to create a formula that absorbs sebum (the natural oil in your hair)  to produce shine, volume and now, color, all at once. It’s the best of both powder and spray, in one bottle.

No matter which form you choose, a root concealer will be a welcomed addition to your beauty and self-care kit in quarantine. Read our other articles to round out your routine:

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